Hello my lovely guests~ this is my art blog. I post my art related stuff so fanart and original arts here.

Sylveon is also one of my all time fav pokes. I mean i love all the eveelutions but pink? I really need to get a shiny one in my pokemon Y.

» Drawing times is fun times~

Ahhh i’ve been drawing a lot in the past two days. Its so awesome and i’m hoping to be able to post some things since i’ve been inactive so much lately. Works been taking so much of my time but i’m off for a while so hopefully i can get the drawing groove again. Gonna try to draw digitally and traditionally o get more practice in. Thank you everyone for sticking around i couldn’t begin to thank you enough.

I’ve been drawing a lot more lately Wooo! Drawing excitement is happening. I haven’t drawn this much in a while so everything is still a little wierd digitally. Thats okay tho i got to draw one of my favorite eveelutions~ Leafeon is so awesome.

I think i may have finally gotten this done and i’m thinking of using it as a print?? Since thats a thing i’ve been considering lately. I love dragons so much.

Idk how i never uploaded this. One of my favorite ocs Akurei~. i really like how she came out.

something i did a while back that i forgot to post. Was completely random and  while i was busy trying to draw something for my daddy XD. heres a random tinman for yu

Ahhhh while nara was playing wind waker i had the urge to draw one of my favorite all time dragons from my childhood. valoo is cute and doesn’t come off well in a bust considering his long neck. I adore Volvagia tho~ hes the best and i still don’t know how the two are related but who cares. I relived my childhood and he came out amazing..however photoshop wanted to cut out all his flamey hair so i was left cursing and lasso tooling.. yup. the colored version should do better~

lineart..of some.. feline..dragon thing… -shrugs into space-

two of my monsters ive worked on before. Though i’m unsure of what color border should go around them. Ahhh now that i have them scanned in.. maybe i’ll be willing to experiment with them… and hope for the best.

Also the purple top one AHGRA is totes one of my fav of his species hes such a sweety~  :3

Practicing busts with oc’s and my dragons. figure i can do busts of other creatures as well. Also i wanna master my one dragon so i can draw and design more :3

not feeling the best right now so here have some doodle practice. How do i not know how to draw my own hair geez.

AHh finally got her finished been working on her for a couple days. This is Gwen one of my absolute fav ocs. I wanted topractice doing my busts digitally and practice her skin coloring ( because i wasn’t sure wether to go with the newer ocelot coloring or pale skin) Seems like ocelot has won out it looks soo pretty~ while the pale skin is far too plain so maybe i can find a way to make it work. I still like the ocelot coloring more, it makes more sense , it just means i’ll have to change some things about her entire species, welp. also dammit i always forget her horns… why is this? maybe shes destined to not have horns anymore as well.

I’m still not used to drawing on my tablet so everything comes out a little weird when i sketch so i hope to fix that otherwise its scanning in sketches from my sketch book for me ( which i still have to do so i can complete what i have in my sketchbook.


Livestream Banner for tigerdewdrops~ Pretty fun to make!

AHhh nara drew this for my livestream and ahhh i still love it~ You should go check this wonderful babbu out~

here have some cute snails too

went through some of my older stuff and i’m kinda trying to redraw them and gosh i can see the vast improvement from maybe a year ago geez. i still don’t know what to do with these…make em stickers keychains? are they still even a good idea *flaps arms* i may never know but what i do know right now is have cute baby manta~, manta’s are cute. cutest sea pancake.

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