Hello my lovely guests~ this is my art blog. I post my art related stuff so fanart and original arts here.

Another one of my favorite and very prominent ocs. Who nara has claimed a thousand times over hahaha mister grumpy sassy fluff butt Xeto. I’ve missed drawing my ocs, i really need to get back to world building.

Random mask demon/monster i created… i don’t think i’ve even classified this ones type yet. nor does it even have a name.

Ahhhh one of the few dragons i’ve worked on a lot. My axolotl type water dragon. I really wish to develop their species more.

Finally i think i’ve finished the inking portion of my one friends commission. I just have to make sure she approves before i can get to the colors ahhh i’m so excited to color it… Even now i’m debating colors.

I finally got some old pictures scanned in now i should be able to color them. First one being a orignal dragon type i created and the other one of the masked monster/demon ocs i have. Trying to find the best way to water mark my pictures because i can’t help but be careful DX.

Finally finished this guy. AFter working on him i’ve realized how many ink refills i’m gonna be needing.. my poor pale pink is nearly empty DX. Either way those i liked how this came even if i need to improve my feline drawing. Or just animal drawing in general.

Some of the things i did for my mothers birthday on the 5th. I’m so glad she liked them and we had some awesome chinese that night which i paid for.. All and all a pretty gewd mama burfday. Ahhh i really like how the seahorse came out. I actually looked at a reference and i’m surprised how much better it came out then all my past seahorses. However i did a smaller more uguu one on the small card. Istill need to improve my realism so later on i’m gonna try to do a challenge with my friend (tho shes already started it) for the sake of improvment/practice/drawiiinnnggg. I really miss art class.

One of my demonic monster ocs i finally finished. I’m really happy with how he turned out.  Super buff Ahgra. I really need to draw more of him and his people. However i still need to work on some info on the species. Undead masked demons are one of my favs XD.

Cleaning up the cry ammy picture i sketched some time ago. I just recently finished watching the playthrough and just bawled my eyes out at the end. Its such a heart warming story i’m so glad cry finished it. Its been so long since i last played it. It definitely is one of my all time favorite games.

Getting some more progress done on my one friend commish. So many forget me nots. Then i’m onto inking the babys breath which are tiny baby flowers. I can’t wait til i get to the coloring stage thats gonna be the fun part.

Commission i’ve been working on for a friend of mine. It was inspired from a picture from psych. I’ve been wrestling and battling the flowers since i started the piece. However i think they’re finally turning out… maybe.

Watching cry play one of my all time favorite games okami. I can’t remember how many times i’ve beaten the game. I just couldn’t resist the urge to sketch out some cry/ammy. So far this is the best one in the batch hopefully i can finish it sometime. Please excuse the messy sketchiness.

Sylveon is also one of my all time fav pokes. I mean i love all the eveelutions but pink? I really need to get a shiny one in my pokemon Y.

» Drawing times is fun times~

Ahhh i’ve been drawing a lot in the past two days. Its so awesome and i’m hoping to be able to post some things since i’ve been inactive so much lately. Works been taking so much of my time but i’m off for a while so hopefully i can get the drawing groove again. Gonna try to draw digitally and traditionally o get more practice in. Thank you everyone for sticking around i couldn’t begin to thank you enough.

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